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Welcome to all Small Munsterlander Dog fans!

I am Zsanett Borosné Gréczy, my husband Kornél Boros and I own the Hundog Hunter Kennel. I have a forester-hunter ancestor regarding the paternal ancestors, and my husband Kornél has been obsessed with hunting for more than 20 years.

We have been dog lovers since our childhood. We already had several hunting dogs, we kept them mainly as hunting companions and looked after them like family members.



In 2017 we bought our Small Munsterlander puppy from Germany. Pötyi (Bibi vom Rezatgrund) is not only a valued family member, a playmate of three children, a faithful hunting companion, but with her beautiful appearance she has achieved many excellent competition results. In 2018 she received the title "Hungaria Junior Champion" and in 2020  "Hungaria Champion".

Our active hunting dog has good instincts, she quickly learned the secrets of hunting. As a result of many trainings and persistent work she also passed the Hunting Ability Test with highest marks, the Hunting Licence and the Autumn Hunting Test, where she achieved a very high score of 253 points and was awarded 1st place.

We consider it important that our dog is healthy and in best physical condition. Of course she was also screened for Canine Hip Dysplasia. We also take great care in selecting the male for mating, so that the little puppies will certainly inherit good genetic characteristics.

Since 2021 we were able to join the Austrian Association of Big and Small Münsterlander (Österreichischer Verein für Grosse & Kleine Münsterländer)and pass all it's exams and examinations. So the following litter puppies will be born from the breeding tan of the Austrian Association.

The Small Munsterland Dog easily ingratiates itself into the heart of every person who gets to know him. The breed was bred in Germany from a mating between a German Longhaired Pointing Dog and a Continental Spaniel. Very intelligent, cheerful, sociable, attached to his master, familiar, attentive, docile and balanced. It is mainly used for hunting wild birds and small game. After an exhausting hunting day it is a great pleasure for the dog to relax with his family.

We recommend our puppies to hunters with a calm heart, but also to an affectionate, happy family member!